About Us

Street Smarts Driving Education

2949 Dominion Blvd.
Windsor, Ontario Canada
2nd Floor Unit 2
N9E 2N2

Phone 519.981.2211


Meet Danny D’Angela


¨ Classroom Instructor                   

¨ In-vehicle Instructor                      

¨ Curriculum creator                       

¨ Senior course provider                 

¨ Highway Traffic Act certified      

¨ Ministry of Natural resource Auto Smart trainer

¨ Experienced in working with special needs, hearing disabilities, paralysis,

       disabled and driver rehabilitation.

¨ Defensive driving course provider

¨ Driver improvement course provider

¨ Driver evaluation and collision analyst

¨ Manual transmission Instructor

¨ Company driving fleet policy consultant

Meet Kim Cartier


¨ Office Manager

¨ Driving Simulator Trainer

¨ Educator