Next class begins Saturday May 16th

Street Smarts Driving Education 2949 Dominion Blvd 2nd Floor Unit 2 Windsor, ON N9E 2N2


Learn how to drive The Street Smarts Driving school way

Learn how to drive The Street Smarts Driving school way

Learn how to drive The Street Smarts Driving school wayLearn how to drive The Street Smarts Driving school way





I’ve learned a lot from this program, that will help me be a better driver.     


Thanks for giving us the tools to be safe new drivers.     


This has be a real great experience.  Thank you for giving your all to us in this program!  I feel well prepared to drive because of it.     


The instructor was great, he answered any questions I had, he was very knowledgeable and helpful.  He had a great attitude and he made this program very enjoyable.  I would highly recommend him.   


The instructor was wonderful, very knowledgeable, takes time to listen to your concerns.  The simulator was also very good practice!  It helped getting the basics Thank you


Great class! I already feel more confident.


This course really opened my eyes about driving safely.  After watching the videos and hearing stories of people’s driving accidents I would NEVER want to risk my life of anyone else’s just because of reckless driving.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


This has helped answer many of the questions and concerns about driving.  I have learned a lot and I hope it will be reflected in my actual driving.


I found this class very enjoyable.  There was a relaxed atmosphere and I felt that the instructor was very knowledgeable.  I learned quite a bit and would definitely recommend this program to friends.


Thank you for assisting me in achieving my G2 & G licence.  It was a pleasure having you as an instructor.     


Thank you for being such an excellent instructor, it was an informative and fun school.